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HR Development

and Management

Going above and beyond to assure our clients the most educated resources in the market today. Expertise and accountability are never optional. Entrust Physicians Billing Solutions.


We provide dedicated staff to ensure quality and operational efficiencies. Our continuous training at Physicians Billing Solutions are designed to create more value with our client’s needs in mind. We have a robust quality development program to ensure accuracy, mitigate compliance risk and maximize appropriate reimbursement. 

Physicians Billing Solutions has established standardized measure programs for quality to facilitate education, assist in professional development, and most importantly healthcare compliance. We are well-adept with various auditing types to support both its business and employees' needs.

Our full-time employees possess a four-year bachelor’s degree and several certifications and 50% of them have been in medical billing for at least 10 years. These are employees - not contractors -  so they adhere to high quality production standards. Expectation and accuracy are paramount.

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